NEED – developing nonstandard architecture
Lower Silesia Festival of Architecture DoFA’14

Workshop “NEED. Developing nonstandard architecture” was held within a week of Lower Silesia Festival of Architecture DoFA’14. Initiated by LAX laboratory for architectural experiments, it was devoted to the observations, analysis and synthesis of unusual activity of the inhabitants of the city of Wroclaw. Participants had the opportunity to develop conceptual designs of public space elements trying to address their response to the hidden existential needs of mobile society.  The „research and design” fundamental formula of the workshop allowed for a deep studying of the perceived urban behaviour and the conscious drafting of project proposals.

PARTICIPANTS: students from TU Wroclaw / Depart. of Arch.
Adrianna Kaźmierczak, Basia Szostak, Justyna Kochanowicz, Aleksandra Zalewska
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type: workshop

status: realised

year: 2014

location: Wrocław [PL]