LAX is an award winning experimental, urban and architectural think tank operating since 2014. It practices at the edge of architecture, urban planning, design, psychology and computation. The main focus of LAX is to conduct various studies, especially devoted to Interactive Architecture and Spatial Compensations in urban environment. At LAX we have an open attitude towards modern technologies, creative solutions and cooperation with specialists from various professions to put our projects into reality.

Within LAX we continuously conduct vital scientific research dealing with the public space in cities. We accomplished projects such as “Do not ask, Take! How to personalize city” the urban performance encouraging people to grab and personalize a piece of the city the same way they arrange the info-sphere in their devices, “DIY_do it yourself_CITY” exploring a public understanding of what the future-city could look like, and recently “URBANIMALS” – the project of interactive visual installations displayed in the places of transitions across the city, braking the effect of habituation.

As architects and researchers we have a positive experience of working in multidisciplinary group of people. We regularly host, lecture, teach and participate in international interdisciplinary events and workshops such as: Man|Machine in Pomeranian Science and technology Park, NO.HO.USE in Manggha Institute of Japanese art and technology in Krakow, IABR in Rotterdam, Philips Lighting Workshop, A7 – Week with Architecture, Sredzka axis – masterplan of Lesnica, Wroclove Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days, Annual Arduino Day and more.

Our experience as architects and urban planners in UK, Poland and in Netherlands, working in a renowned offices such as OMA or KCAP, gave us a professional qualifications on various levels of design process. Furthermore over last years, we gained relevant knowledge about building interactive environments based on digital platforms, sensors, actuators and coding programs. LAX is devoted to experimenting and highly appreciates collaborating with creative industries it this process.


M.Sc. Eng. Arch. Graduating in 2011 from Wroclaw University of Technology, he defended the diploma work “PGR – The Greening Farm” based on the field of urban strategies for the outskirts of the big cities. As the European citizen, he finds a fulfillment of his ambitions abroad, gaining a professional experience in Poland, UK, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands so far. In one of the best urban planning offices in the world, KCAP Architects & Planners, he had the opportunity to work on large-scale masterplans in Russia and China. One of them was “HOUSING WITH A MISSION”, a project developed for VANKE, awarded in 2012 at the Hong Kong/Shenzhen International Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism . He is now conducting a research as a PhD candidate at Wroclaw University of Technology, devoted to a topic of Spatial Compensations in modern cities.

M.Sc. Eng Arch. Anna graduated from TU Wrocław in 2011 receiving the “Supervision” award from the Association of Polish Architects for the entirety of her undergraduate architectural designs. After studies she worked in the world renowned architectural offices like OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) and De Zwarte Hond.
She elaborates her interests in the field of interactive architecture in her PhD work conducted at TU Wrocław and partly at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in London, investigating the patterns of playability in the interactive environment of public spaces.
She was a speaker and keynote speaker at many scientific and architectural conferences ie. Innovative City Forum in Tokyo [JP], Festival of the Future City in Bristol [UK] or ECAADE in Oulu [FI].
As an architect and researcher Anna tries to find the novel and more human ways of using technology in the architecture and the cities.