Museum of Architecture, Wrocław [PL], 2017
project “Frames of Nature”

The International Biennale of Architecture, Krakow [PL], 2017
project “A BACKYARD IN A BACKYARD / The “Scene” For Social Activities”

“The art in civic space”, City Hall, Opole [PL], 2017
project “NUBIS. The humming cloud”

Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn [NO], 2015
„String Hollow” Installation

Center for Art Education Łaźnia 2, Gdansk [PL], 2014
„String Hollow” Installation

WRO ART CENTER, Wroclaw [PL], 2014
exposition at the „Green Labirynth” exhibition

Wroclove Design Festival, Wroclaw [PL], 2014
project „Interactive Fingers”

Wroclove Design Festival, Wroclaw [PL], 2014
Architecture in Progress

„Storefront for Art & Architecture” gallery, New York [USA], 2013
artwork at the exhibition „The Competitive Hypothesis”

“BAZA” Architectural Review, Wroclaw [PL], 2012
project „Peat House”

“MINE THE GAP”,Chicago [USA], 2010
project „The cabbage field”