NUBIS. The humming cloud

a nationwide competition “The art in a civic space – 800 reasons for leisure”

Our proposal of Interactive Architecture element called “NUBIS. The humming cloud” was distinguished by jury as the most innovative example of urban furniture.
Jury: “Phenomenal, captivating form giving an extraordinary field of interpretation and a chance for various urban activities.”
The furniture proposed in the project creates a Fairy tale-like ambience by shaping their forms as delicate clouds. To enhance the sense of esotericism, each of three modules produces the sound of a pleasant wind noise, the tone of which the user can control by moving their hands or body over the hidden distance sensors. In a similar way, after the sunset, people can modify the intensity of the underneath backlight of the clouds.

type: architecture / urban furniture

status: competition, 2nd prize

area: 180 sqm

year: 2017

location: Opole [PL]