As a part of the “Illuminade” walking tour of Amsterdam Light Festival, our installation “the matter of light” creates a magic space where light is shown as a pure physical phenomenon ‐ the wave‐particle duality. This very basic feature is being illustrated by a white shining wave which is being squeezed to densify the material nature of light. Through this process the close connection between human and light ‐ where people may interact with it, using not only their sense of sight but also the receptors of touch ‐ emphasizes our existential need to commune with light. Furthermore, the installation also fosters the social integration by allowing (and suggesting) the cooperation in modeling its final form, and symbolizes human power in determining the shape of the uncertain world.

Visitors are going to see the aura of an intensive light between the trees from a long distance. And while they come closer, they are going to see a massive portion of light outstretched on the grass. The length, height and proportions of the installation will create a clear affordance of an object that gives a possibility to sit on it and to relax by immersing into its loops. The flexibility of tubes will encourage people to reshape and adjust the installation to their personal preferences. Groups of people could therefore arrange a comfortable meeting spot, while kids could simultaneously frolic between the waves of light. Individuals could meditate within it, since the glare of the light will isolate them from perceiving the outside world. The considerable amount of material used to create the installation will give a feeling of endless opportunities in shaping its final appearance and functionality. The character of the glossy materials used in the installation will also give a positive sensations during a day by reflecting the image of the surroundings.

type: interactive installation

status: competition

year: 2017

location: Amsterdam [NL]