THE STATION SQUARE – a meeting zone
An urban-architectural competition for the square in front of main railway station in Opole

Plac Dworcowy entrence

The square in front of the main railway station in Opole is designed as a multi-functional meeting zone. It offers a good communication system for travelers, and recreational places for people who want to take full advantage of its spatial qualities such as an interactive fountain, a pavilion “Cafe Opole” and benches among greenery. Thanks to the fact that the main communication takes place around the perimeter of the square, its central point can be the space of a green labyrinth shaped from tall ornamental grasses, allowing you to find your own corner for relaxation or for playing with children.

The stylistic means of architectural expression are shaped in an abstract way to bring out the magical character of the place. The arches, circles and multiplications of elements with lively colors are used to enhance the impression of being in a non-urban area. Thus, the Station square will have the opportunity to become an important point on the mental map of the city, offering a space of extraordinary character, which will long remain in the memory of residents and visitors the city of Opole.

Plac Dworcowy plan
Plac Dworcowy pavilion

type: urban plan

status: competition

area: 1,9 ha

year: 2018

location: Opole [PL]

authors: arch. Anna Grajper, arch. Sebastian Dobiesz

interns: stud. Katarzyna Skoczylas, stud. Gabriela Wawro