The project FINGERS was finally exhibited at the “Wrocław Główny” railway station.


FINGERS was an experimental interactive structure responsive to human motion. As a result of research conducted over the Interactive Architecture it raised the issue of international discourse on the future of interaction between modern technology and its implementation in architecture, directly to Wroclaw.
Interactive structure took the form of vertical planes, which simultaneously changed and adapted to the movement of people.  The project, called INTERACTIVE FINGERS occupied a space of a great hall at the main railway station Wrocław Główny during the International Festival of Good Projects – WROCLOVE DESIGN 2014. This dynamic element was encouraging people to penetrate its structure at the same time.
INTERACTIVE FINGERS reflected not only modern technology, which is possible to use in architectural spaces, but also showed the interaction between human behavior and our physical surroundings. The process of designing and manufacturing involved students from Wroclaw University of Technology (Ewa Chejducka and Magdalena Bałuta), giving them the opportunity to develop a professional workshop and to broaden their knowledge about interactive architecture.
The project was developed under the patronage of The Association of Polish Architects Wroclaw branch.

Material support: Botland

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PKP polskie koleje państwowe

It was subsequently exhibited at WRO ART CENTER as part of the exhibition The Green Labyrinth.

type: interactive structure

status: realized

year: 2014

location: Wrocław [PL]