a nationwide competition “a Light Installation”


“Anthracite” is an interactive light installation controlled by passers-by, designed in the space of the square in front of Świerklaniec in Rybnik. It consists of two sculptures resembling the pieces of carbon that are composed around a basin with a fog. The created composition brings to mind the elements extracted from a coal mine.
All three elements fulfill different functions: a light sculpture, a light bench and a basin with fog. The whole composition creates a compact form that fills the surface of the square. It brings a magical character and gives the opportunity to make a new, unique point on the mental map of the city.
The idea of the project refers to the precious variety of hard coal – Anthracite; coal, which is a symbol inseparably associated with the region of Upper Silesia. The designed project, through the perverse application of this “dark” mineral as a source of light, indicates its important role in shaping the post-war history of the city and the region.

Jury opinion: “The proposed design is an interesting sculptural form with high aesthetic qualities”


type: architecture

status: competition, 3rd prize

area: 0,01 ha

year: 2017

location: Rybnik [PL]