workshop of Interactive Architecture STATES OF WATER
DoFA’15 The Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture

How to use water as an interactive built material

The workshop was held during DoFA’15 The Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture, in Wrocław [PL].

Topic: Water – a solid state, a liquid state, a gaseous state – and an Interactive state. The Interactive state is the state in which a matter together with a human conduct a dialog – exchange of opinions that in the process of conversation influences a behaviour of the matter and a behaviour of the human .Natural features of a compound H2O existing in environment and influencing the various ways of usability in the human habitat will be investigated during the workshop. Participants will research and design the conceptual projects of public spaces where the water in the interactive state is the main building material.


Group “MIST”
Małgorzata Zych, Cecylia Sadurska, Juan Pablo, Karolina Dzik, Laura Paluch, Paulina Sawczuk

Group “WATER”
Anna Klimczak, Jola Zajdel, Arkadiusz Kiernicki, Adrianna Kaźmierczak, Michał Olichwierowicz, Aleksandra Rzeszutek

MIST – the bridge


WATER- the pavilion




type: Interactive Architecture

status: workshop

year: 2015

location: Wrocław [PL]

Workshop’s partners: