lecture CITY FLOWS

DoFA’15 The Lower Sielsian Festival of Architecture

LAX had a pleasure to give a speach “Swiss cities at the edge of water” at an international seminar which was a part of The Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture (DoFA).

About Seminar:
At the lecture LAX presented the varous ways of developing wharfs in Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Basel et other cities. It is a result of their study trip to Switzerland and urban planning analyses. It explains how long the coastline in the cities is and which part is “covered” by the local development plan. It shows interesting grassroots initiatives related to development of the area linking the city and the river. The information is summarized in a form of analysis comparing the Swiss reality with the potential of Wrocław’s riverside. Practically all Swiss cities have direct contact with a lake or a river or both forms simultaneously. Many of them host thermal baths or waters exceptionally rich in minerals. Contact with water and highly diverse topography create different types of climatic areas, among which we can find the Mediterranean one with its intense subtropical flora. These are the qualities making contact with water in Switzerland easy, accessible and pleasant. However, the intensity and diversity of the Swiss urban coastline require thoughtful solutions which will make the most out of the existing geographical conditions. The lecture presents examples of efficient management of public space as well as areas of dubious quality, lost as a result of historical circumstances or as a result of modern planning.

type: lecture

year: 2015

location: Wroclaw [PL]