Shapes of Logic – International Conference of Parametric Design

13-15 March 2015
Museum of Architecture – Wroclaw – Poland


Game patterns in Interactive Architecture.

This research was about an interactive architecture within the patterns of the system in various games. The history of architecture, and movements such as modernism, brutalism, or post-modernism, showed that the type of the system might differentiated the quality and model of space. In games, there are several types such as classical board games, gambling games, digital games, professional sports, multiplayer games and many others. Each of them is based on specific system, rules, design (architecture) and interactivity. As in architecture, so in games the significant characteristic is the system which is a set of things describing the whole surrounding and interactions between human and built environment.

To answer the research question, how architects can design future places of interactive architecture principled on the traits of games, several game environments have been analysed, such as digital games (SimCity), board games (Game of Thrones, chess), ludic games (Hide and seek), and games with strongly environmental attributes as Maze. Moreover, the methodology of framing the system in games was implemented in analyses of realisations of Interactive Architecture. The results of research indicated that there was meaningful connection between the system in games, and in interactive architecture.

type: conference

status: realised

year: 2015

location: Wrocław [PL]