eCAADe 2016 / 34th Annual Conference

Conference theme: Complexity & Simplicity
Recent development in digital technologies and digital design tools enable us to address complex situations in architectural environments, ranging in scale from structures and buildings to urban contexts. We often expect technology to better help us manage the complexity of life, to simplify our daily lives and tasks. However, these developments also raise the question of whether design technologies encourage complexity at the expense of simplicity in both the design process and lived environments. Does computation cause complexity? Or does it enable simplicity?
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LAX spoke at eCAADe in Oulu with a paper “Animating the Static. Case Study of The Project “Urbanimals” – Enhancing play in the cities through an augmented and interactive environment“. This article delineates the process of developing the project “Urbanimals” – an interactive installation designed and realised in Bristol, UK, in 2015. As the case study research, it draws attention to the difficulties in designing interactive structures in urban spaces – from an architects’ idea to a construction stage. There are four areas that are being investigated: (1) Modelling interactions, (2) Negotiating locations and logistics, (3) Developing hardware and (4) Performing the on-site observations. The project draws from the idea of Smart City (SC) as the concept of the urban environment with a certain level of responsiveness through implementing a technology-driven matter that expands city offer perceivable, but gentle and not hindering way. It highlights the possible applications of projection technology and the utilisation of the 3D modelling software which provides complex tools for creating animations, movements and interactions with future users. The article gives clues how to design more engaging interactions and how to deal with implementing them in public realm.

type: conference

year: 2016

location: Oulu [FI]