The European Network for Housing Research

The European Network for Housing Research Conference was held in Belfast on the 28th June to the 1st July 2016. The theme of this conference was: ‘Governance, Territory and Housing’.

LAX presented a paper titled “Housing for tomorrow?Exploring micro-apartment living in London.”

The paper seeks of what are the characteristics of the good practice in designing micro-apartment developments in London in relation to the global trends of this initiative. It purposefully focuses on the case studies in London, as this city struggles with the substantial housing shortage, thus such enterprises have a fertile conditions to flourish in upcoming decades. Therefore it claims that there is an importance of better understanding the factors that are shaping micro-apartments, because it may improve the tenants living conditions in the extreme spatial settings of such developments in the future.
The findings proof that there are certain similarities in spatial organisation of micro-apartments that are benefiting in creating a sustainable and sound living conditions. Therefore the research advocates for creating a coherent definition of micro-apartment that may allow further implementation of the guidelines in the planning process, and subsequently enrich the housing market offer.

type: conference

year: 2016

location: Belfast [NR]