eVolo Skyscraper Competition

1st There is a tremendous power of creation hidden in a potential of human unconciousnes.
2nd There are no limits for nano-technology.
3rd Architecture is not imposed. We made it, so we can change it.
It became obvious in XX century that all humanity is obliged to shape and maintain our environment. And we should take our responsibilities seriously. But in XXI there is a pressing need for completely new approach in which the environment is created not only BY us but also WITH us. In such thinking there is place only for conversative and unconscious systems of interaction between man and build space. There is no need, in those systems, to bother about our nearest and furthest circumstances since our smallest facial expression could do the talking. 90% of people are not into “creating” or “changing” anything and most of them cannot even localize the problem in their range, that is why architecture needs to become self-intuitive. Our project is NOT aiming to deliver a complex solution for the project of skyscraper but to CHANGE the way we think of architecture nowadays. Our project reflects the technical possibilities and social needs of new era of creative industry and community, focused on deep development rather than ordinary daily annoyances.
The idea of the system is an ubiquitous swarm of electro-magnetic based nano-spheres equipped with every imaginable technological novelty. They can reconfigurate to change the phisical appearance and properties according to human behaviour and state of the environment.
A man lives in social community from birth, subject to its influence, existing in a constant symbiosis, dependent on the form and function. Architecture itself as an environmental factor may create additional impulses stimulating human behaviour and vice versa.
SIMULTANEOUS SKYSCRAPER is not the building itself, it is a system, an interactive system. Where a man is not only a user at scheduled time and function of the building, but also at the time of manifestation of individual needs on many levels.
Simultaneity means that anything can happen at one time, without functional constraints. Simultaneous architecture stimulates human behaviour, opening up to the initiative. It is like parents who open their childrens’ horizons, so they can gain experience, develop their skills and broaden their knowledge. Simultaneous signifies that architecture may evoke human characters such as creativity, commitment, openness, curiosity and imaginary.
SIMULTANEOUS SKYSCRAPER can be everywhere and anytime! Depends on us or thrive by itself to encourage people to discover it in their personal way.

type: interactive structure

status: competition

year: 2014

location: Rotterdam [NL]