Innovative City Forum

LAX spoke at conference Innovative City Forum in Tokyo
[Day2] October 15 (Thu)

Special Session
Global Initiatives in Art/Technologies/Cities
Rapid technological advancement has brought great change to the city infrastructure and the way we live. In 2012, Watershed, a digital creativity centre based in one of the UK’s most creative cities Bristol, launched “Playable City” a new open innovation space to prototype new applications and experiences that place people and play at the heart of the Future City. Drawing on Playable City ideas generated both in the UK and the Playable City Tokyo programme launched in 2015, this session will explore new visions for the Future City.

Clare Reddington (Creative Director, Watershed)
Anna Grajper (Laboratory for Architectural Experiments (LAX) Architect)
Sebastian Dobiesz (Laboratory for Architectural Experiments (LAX) Architect)
Kei Wakabayashi (Editor in Chief, WIRED Japanese Edition)

Seiichi Saito (Creative & Technical Director, Rhizomatiks)

type: conference

year: 2015

location: Tokyo [JP]